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Spirit, Drive and Determination

In the latest issue of Suffolk Director Magazine, Suffolk businesswoman, Juliette John talks about her life and career, and how her confidence and enterprising nature is something that has been with her since childhood.


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“One thing I have always been is very confident and independent and am really grateful for my parents for this. They were very supportive, never judged and always encouraged me to be the best I could be.”

“I feel very excited about the future. I am passionate about my work and am fortunate enough to see instant results which make a real difference to a person’s life.”
Juliette John

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Content this issue

Growing your business

Expanding your organisation can take time and business leaders that have a growth plan tend to be more optimistic about achieving their goals. Tracey Dickens at Birkett Long discusses the reasons why growth may be on the agenda.

Reshaping the office landscape

When setting up Source One Consulting, Pat Lewis had one goal in mind, to create dynamic, innovative and flexible workplaces for organisations.

growing without bricks and mortar needn’t be a challenge

Tarnia Roberston, MD at Ufford Park Woodbridge talks about how in the early stages of a business the expense of office premises can be avoided.


Carole Burman from MAD-HR discusses how nowadays, there are so many ways of approaching staffing and contracting, which just didn’t exist if you’d been growing your empire 25 years ago.

gain time: work smarter

Growing a business requires a gear change in mindset and there comes a tipping point when you need to act. Jane Cattermole from Bay Tree VA explains that to regain valuable time, could working with a virtual assistant be the answer?

treat your body more like your business

Within your business, the setting of goals, highlighting of areas to improve, and tracking of KPIs are commonplace. Ben Grey from Suffolk Strength Academy suggests that maybe it’s time to start treating your physical wellbeing a little more like you treat your business.

a Golfing enterprise

How do you invent something totally new when there are so many competitors out there that are offering a similar service or product? Stuart Robertson, Golf Professional at Ufford Park discusses new innovation in facilities, playing surfaces and equipment.

Protecting your IP P26-27.jpg

director’s toolbox: protecting your intellectual property

One of the things that brings us business success and provides us with competitive advantage are our ideas. But, all too often to win the work, you must divulge that difference to the prospective client. Here are some tips to protect your IP.

when should i have my business valued

There is no doubt that understanding the value of your business is key to effective decision-making. However, there are situations when a business owner must have a valuation and there are situations when it is just advisable. Fiona Hotston Moore from Ensors explains the difference.

Managing the risk: threats for businesses

What are the risks facing small businesses and what policies will help protect you? David Collins at Pound Gates talks about how a business plan based on ‘best case scenario’ is like a house of cards.

enterprising help for businesses

Since 1984, not-for-profit MENTA has helped thousands of entrepreneurs grow their businesses throughout Norfolk and Suffolk. Alex Till, Chief Executive explains how the organisation’s aim is to support people in starting and developing their businesses, encouraging expansion, growth and employment to ensure the continued thriving prosperity of the Eastern Region.

retaining entrepreneurship through uncertain times

People talk a lot about being enterprising or entrepreneurial, but what does that really mean when you’re in business? Kevin Ward at Conatus discusses how to make sure you keep in the driving seat through uncertain times

business continuity plans

A Business Continuity Plan is there to protect your organisation and ensure that the business can carry on operating uninterrupted by any external or internal factors. John Turner, CEO at Ellisons Solicitors talks about how a problem shared can be a problem halved.

tax rewards for innovation

It’s nearly 20 years since the first R&D tax relief was introduced and since then successive governments have continued to strengthen the tax system for innovative UK companies. Ann Minson at Ensors explains the three main tax reliefs that any company involved in R&D needs to know about.

Infectious Entrepreneurialism: Shout about Suffolk

How many times did your careers advisor ever look you in the eye and tell you straight: ‘You’re an entrepreneur in the making. Let that be your future’. Chances are, for most of us it wasn’t a common occurrence, Perhaps then, it’s little surprise that it’s taken a few less conventional self-made successful Suffolk business people, to be the brains behind a new start-up entrepreneurs’ lab facility in the region called Shout about Suffolk.

I believe that the free enterprise system is the greatest engine of prosperity the world’s ever known
— Barack obama

grabbing the initiative

Iain Hatfield, CEO at PolicyBee explains that to have a chance of hitting the entrepreneurial sweet spot, first you’ve got to identify a viable gap in the market.

Spotlight on Elizabeth Pearce,Chair of IOD Suffolk

Elizabeth, who is part owner of Omega Ingredients and recently became Chair of IoD Suffolk, has had a very varied career, but every avenue has helped her to develop the leadership skills she has today.

Spotlight Elizabeth Pearce P22.jpg

Business Psychology: reprogramming the Brain

CBT is a talking therapy which enables you to learn different ways of thinking and behaving so you can cope with whatever life throws at you. And, now, more than ever, these principles are being applied within companies with very positive results.

CBT in the workplace P28.jpg

The suffolk apprentice project

In an attempt to develop young people and support local charities, the Suffolk Apprentice Project was launched in April. The winning candidate will receive help and support in setting up their own business. Peter Basford from Business Growth Coaches Network is running the competition.

Making it easy to travel the world

For the last 13 years, Martin Lister, Head of Itinerary Planning and Destination Experience, has been involved in the planning process at Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, and over that time has gained an instinct for what makes a really good itinerary. He explains how he brings the world closer to you.

Richard Cooper Suffolk Dog Day P8.jpg

Suffolk Dog Day

Entrepreneurship might not be the first characteristic associated with running a charity fundraising event, but as Richard Cooper, Chairdog for Suffolk Dog Day argues, part of Dog Day’s success has been down to the entrepreneurial spirit of its organisers.


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