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Ufford Park hosts its very own Ryder Cup!

The Ufford Park Tuesday Club Seniors held their very own local version of the Ryder Cup in October 2018.  The guest of honour at the tournament was Mary Moore the granddaughter of the great Samuel Ryder, who founded the bi-annual competition between the USA and Europe in 1927.

Ufford Park’s Ryder Cup was a friendly competition and featured a Suffolk Bred Team playing against a Rest of the World Team.  The format of the competition followed the real Ryder Cup formats; Fourball, Foursomes and Singles. 

The competition was close fought and entertaining, with the 2016 champions, the Rest of the World Team taking the lead and winning the trophy as the Suffolk Bred Team came in from behind to draw level after the Singles competition.  Hopefully 2020 will be the Suffolk Bred Team’s winning year!

Sue Wilcock